BGMI ID, Statistics, F / D Report and Jonathan Ranking in October 2021


Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral is one of the top professional esports players at Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). He is currently on the Godlike team roster.

Since his esports career took off, Jonathan has dominated almost every tournament he has participated in thanks to his stunning performances. His supernatural reflexes, playfulness, and compositional nature in moments of clutch make him one of the best in the game.

In addition to playing BGMI professionally, he is also a streamer and content creator. He streams regularly on YouTube and Loco and has built a huge fan base. He usually plays classic matches on his streams for fun purposes.

Jonathan’s BGMI ID, stats, F / D ratio, rank, etc.


Jonathan’s BGMI ID number is 5112616229. His character name in the game is GodLJonathan. His Player ID level is 76 and his Evo level is 57. His achievement point total is 4790 and his current popularity is over 53927.8K.

Jonathan's BGMI ID (BGMI screenshot)
Jonathan’s BGMI ID (screenshot from BGMI)

Ranking of the current season

As an esports player, Jonathan is more focused on working with his team in custom games. He only plays classic matches in his spare time and is streamed on Youtube and Loco.

Jonathan’s level rank in Classic Squad Mode is Crown II this season. While he is in classic solo and duet mode, he is in Bronze I and Silver III because he barely plays these two modes.

Jonathan's BGMI ranking in October 2021 (BGMI screenshot)
Jonathan’s BGMI ranking in October 2021 (BGMI screenshot)

F / D ratio and statistics

Jonathan has played a total of 97 regular team mode games this season. Among them, he won nine games, with 39 games placed in the top 10. Jonathan has a total of 493 finishes with an F / D ratio of 5.08.

Here are some of Jonathan’s other stats this season:

AVG survival: 9.8 m

AVG traveled: 3.65KM

Winning ratio: 9.3%

Top 10 rates: 40.2%

AVG treats: 97.6

Percentage of headshots: 20.3%

Most finishes: 18

Highest damage: 2793

AVG damage: 887.8

Precision: 14.3

Jonathan's BGMI statistics in October 2021 (BGMI screenshot)
Jonathan’s BGMI statistics in October 2021 (BGMI screenshot)

Here are some of Jonathan’s stats and details as of October 2021. Players can follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more information. Players can also follow its YouTube and Loco channels to watch its gameplay.

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