Astro.ID A40 TR headphones review: Soft sound in your style


Astro Gaming’s A40 headsets have become a fairly common sight in gaming audio headsets. Whether on their own or with the added benefit of the MixAmp Pro, they deliver a durable, comfortable and solid audio experience, if not a bit pricey. . However, if the colors and styling of this headset did not appeal to you on any of the previous A40 models, Astro Gaming now offers a rather interesting system. Astro.ID allows you to colorize and personalize an A40 TR headset as you like. It’s a straightforward process and you get your own personalized version of an already pretty solid pair of headphones.

The process

Astro.ID is a fairly easy process to follow and use until you make a headset entirely to your liking. On the Astro.ID product page, there are two color and graphic collections (of which Collection 2 has just been released) that you can use to personalize your helmet. You can choose color and / or graphic style options for the headband frame, ear cups, top cushion band, detachable mic, cable, and in-line mute cable. You can give each part of the helmet the same color, choose all the different colors or go for some mix of your choice. I made myself a nice pair of purple and yellow A40s. I was also happy to see that the product page features a rotating 3D model so you can see your helmet from all angles as well.

Once you’ve finalized an order, Astro Gaming offers a shipping schedule of four to seven business days, although it may take longer if orders are backed up as these are custom headsets. Having said that, I found my helmet arrived fairly quickly, about a week after ordering. Additionally, the Astro.ID A40s comes with a cool and clean hard nylon coated travel case. The headset itself looked great, was easy to install on my PC, and I’ve been using it happily ever since. I will say that the top cushion of the headband is alarmingly fragile. It’s held to the headband frame by two tiny hinge clips and quite quickly out of the box I had one of the hinges loosening quite frequently. I had to resort to a dab of super glue and it was a quick fix, but it was a weirdly weak point on an otherwise fun and durable design.

Performance and price

Astro Gaming has done a pretty impressive job establishing its A40 lineup and the Astro.ID A40 TR are no exception. Out of the box, the A40s can be plugged into your PC or game controllers for use on consoles like the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch. On all of these, you can plug it in via a single audio cable connection. On PC, you can plug in a headphone / mic splitter, which I think generally produces better results in my audio and mixing experience and also does here.

The audio quality of the out-of-the-box Astro.ID A40 TRs is quite good, delivering exceptional surround sound quality from 40mm drivers specifically designed for gaming. The mic is good too, which has been a hit with many headsets for me. I’m a snob when it comes to sounding as clear as possible and the A40 TR’s detachable mic delivers my voice pretty clearly. The mic attaches firmly to the side of the headset and can be repositioned or removed easily. However, it also picks up a bit more background air and noise than I would like. The Astro.ID A40 TR’s audio output and input are items that can be further customized using the MixAmp Pro, with options for back-vocals, noise levels and settings. equalization. However, it’s also worth noting that this is an extra $ 100 on top of an already $ 200 headset if you don’t already have the MixAmp Pro.

Your sound, your way

Overall, the Astro.ID A40 TR headset has many of the same pros and cons that one would expect from this line. The sound is solid quality, the mix is ​​picked up well, and both can be customized if you’re willing to spend more. The base package costs a pretty dime, but Astro.ID’s new color customizations on top of the A40 formula are a great idea, fun, stylish, and easy to use. I have headphones with my favorite colors and a new design on them, and they provide comfortable sound throughout my day. If you are looking for a good helmet that is truly personalized to your taste, the Astro.ID A40 TR is a solid quality way to go about it.

This review is based on a product sample provided by the manufacturer. The Astro.ID A40 TR headset is available now directly on the Astro Gaming website.

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