4 best web design tools for Mac users

Creating a high-end, visually appealing website is a complicated process, but it can get trickier when it comes to finding the perfect software for Mac users. Website builders that offer a wide variety of features, a simple interface, and great resources can be hard to find, but the following list we’ve created has all of these design tools for Mac and more.

Wix – Easy to use, starts for free and an amazing SaaS builder

Wix is ​​a great website builder for Mac users because it makes it easy to create a complete website that looks unique and stands out. The system allows you to create a business or personal website, offers out-of-the-box features and covers most web design needs. Although you may struggle with the UX / UI design, this company can help you with that.

The Wix ADI tool modifies your website based on submitted content, and you can use this feature to optimize your website for mobile. Their responsive templates and app marketplace give you access to thousands of useful free and paid widgets to spruce up your website.

RapidWeaver – Mac specific, and it shows

Made for Mac users, RapidWeaver is a powerful website builder that helps you build complete websites without coding. You can also access iCloud and Document tabs with RapidWeaver as this generator integrates most of Mac technologies. What’s incredibly impressive are its template choices, which you can tweak and completely customize.

The Device Simulator lets you see what your website will look like on iPhone, iPad, and different versions of Macs, while the Media Manager tool integrates a huge online photo library. You also receive a Snippets Manager, all for free or with a paid plan of $ 99.

WordPress – trusted by millions of users

Without WordPress, we wouldn’t have the web design tools we have today. Although the system was created for blogging, you can create any website through the WordPress motor. With plenty of integration options and design customization options, you can develop any website in any niche, as long as you have some degree of coding knowledge.

While you can buy templates, you still have to code most of the website yourself, unless you have a custom drag-and-drop theme. Yet WordPress shines with its choice of hosting and domain name, which allows you to use any website host or URL as long as it’s not taken.

Blocks – The drag and drop interface is easy to use

For anyone who needs to create an impressive portfolio, a gorgeous website, or an engaging landing page, Blocks is your ticket to success. Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, you won’t need any coding knowledge to edit your web page quickly. Just use its block and brick structure to change any aspect of the page you want.

Although Blocks does not have a cloud dashboard to edit content, you will be offered an HTML website structure with no templates by default. The blocks can take a while to get used to, but if you need something quick and easy that looks great, try them for free or for $ 80 with a license.

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