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Everything we do needs to inform the CPF. Usually have to make inquiries in the Pwerasa and SPC of the CPF or name to get a personal loan in financial or private bank is no different, every financial transaction requires consultation of the CPF, and this is not revocable. In addition, the CPF reveals the institutions if the claimant is negative, ie as the dirty name in the square, which proves that there are debts to be cleared or cleared from the credit history.

In Brazil there is no type of credit for individuals that does not make a thorough consultation of the CPF in Pwerasa Experian, SCPC and SPC Brasil, all are private companies that keep private individuals data for credit protection, there is, I can not forget to say which is now also possible to check the credit score (score).

When a person borrows money from a bank,

When a person borrows money from a bank,

A financial institution or any other type of financial institution such as a cooperative, a “credit analysis” is usually done, and consultation with the CPF is part of this package. So it has already been made clear that when carrying out banking or credit operations, they will check your CPF, if you inquire about personal data such as bank transfer and history of payment of debts and score credit. Without this consultation, it is virtually impossible to analyze whether the loan applicant or financial service has a good profile to ensure less risk to the loan requested.

Currently, besides the credit protection agencies already mentioned (Pwerasa, SPC and SCPC) that report bad payers, there are several tools that, on the contrary, inform who are the good payers, this little-known platform in Brazil serves to collaborate with the work of analysis of credit institutions. If you still do not know the Pwerasa Experian Positive Registry, it would be good to register to build a good credit history.

OK! We know that most Brazilian citizens today are negative, however, they need personal loans, if that is your case and, thinking about applying for a personal loan, you know that payroll loans, loans in financial institutions, credit, loan with a clearing of the cash and loan with guarantee of assets, do not consult with your CPF, that is, you can get your loan. Rates can range from 1.15% to 26% per month.

Interest rates on loans without SPC consultation (per month)

They make loans without consulting the CPF.

Those who have a private bank account, especially in large banks they recognize that they normally do not release cash in the form of a personal loan for dirty-named consumers, if you already have a limit before being enrolled in SPC or Pwerasa, the credit is free to use, as well as in the withdrawal and loan on the credit card.

What is the interest of the personal loan with restriction in the CPF

What is the interest of the personal loan with restriction in the CPF

The loan with restriction on the name has grown a lot in Brazil, as well as companies and credit comparison sites, we can not forget the interest too, they are at 7% per month, according to information on the Procon-SP website. But a sordid detail is for those who do not have any other chance to make a loan because of assignable margin, lines for loan or because of the restriction in the CPF, the average can go from 20% to the month.

CPF Debt

CPF Debt

For those who have debt in the CPF, one of the outputs is to renegotiate the debt directly with the lender and resolve the situation soon. However, before renegotiating any outstanding debt with a bank or financial institution, make a survey of everything that is pending and how much you need to heal your financial life.

For this, it is easy, choose an online financial spreadsheet or financial application in android Playstore or Itunes that helps you in the friendly control of your debts. Controlling your expenses and what goes in for income can make a total difference in your budget.

Well, I hope I could have helped, also read loan without consulting the SPC and Pwerasa from 1000 thousand to 5000 thousand reais.

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