A loan for finishing an apartment or a house? Compared!

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This is the best and the cheapest option for financing the finish of an apartment or house. You can use it both when buying a house on a loan (mortgage for the purchase and finishing the apartment), and when you have paid for it with money from your own pocket – then only apply for the amount needed for the finishing.

However, it works best when you apply for it anyway to finance the construction or purchase of real estate, because it involves a number of formalities and additional fees.

Check what conditions must be met to get a mortgage 

Check what conditions must be met to get a mortgage 

You will find a mortgage in most banks. However, offers vary significantly in price. The total cost of credit at bank Y can be up to several hundred thousand higher than that of bank X. Therefore, it is very important to compare offers, and a credit advisor can help you with this.

Own credit is required to receive this type of loan, which currently amounts to 20% of the value of the property, but as I said, banks are willing to reduce it at the expense of additional banking products that you will be forced to buy.

You can take a mortgage for up to PLN 1 million or more, although the maximum amount depends on your creditworthiness. If you have decided to use it only to obtain funds for finishing the apartment, then know that the amount you want to apply for must be at least tens of thousands.

Mortgage formalities


Applying for a loan involves a number of documents that you must provide to the bank. Below is a list of mandatory ones – banks may require additional securities depending on the situation of the borrower.

  1. Mortgage application – you can download it from the bank or you will receive it at a branch.
  2. Certificate from the employer.
  3. PIT-37 settlement from the previous year (e.g. in the form of UPO).
  4. Document with photo (of the applicant).
  5. Account statement for the last month / three months / half year.
  6. Land and mortgage register number (if the apartment has one).
  7. Development contract / preliminary contract.
  8. Building application program – a list of rooms together with the usable area.
  9. Cost estimate – you can read about it below.

What can you finance with a mortgage to finish your home?

What can you finance with a mortgage to finish your home?

To be able to apply for a loan to finish a house or apartment, the property must be in a closed shell state, i.e. have entrance doors, windows and be covered with a roof.

You can apply for additional funds necessary to perform specific finishing works. These include, among others:

  • internal plasters, drywall cladding, suspended ceilings,
  • finishing of internal walls (e.g. wallpapers, tiles),
  • substrates for screed floors,
  • painting,
  • floor finishing (e.g. panels, boards, parquet floors, terracotta),
  • stair finishing
  • internal window sills,
  • internal door woodwork,
  • central heating installation,
  • water and sewage installation,
  • electrical installation components (sockets, switches, wiring),
  • gas installation (in a situation where it does not require a building permit)
  • white assembly and bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Mortgage for home finishing – cost estimate

When buying a house, I decided on this option – a mortgage with additional funds to finish the property. When applying for funding, it was my duty to supplement the cost estimate. What is this about? You will receive a special form from the bank that needs to be completed. Think calmly about what you want to use the loan funds to finish the house, because you will have to write and calculate everything carefully.

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